By wildwaysborle, Nov 5 2016 04:41PM

The Wheel of the years turns at speed and it has been a while since I posted the news that we continually make, on the website..

We managed to get the winter log supplies in really early. A log run in the frosty weather can feel good - but not if it ‘has’ to be done. Charlie our friendly neighbour with a jcb; did some road clearing work on the woodland tracks and we can now get to the end, where the little waterfall marks our boundary with the folk who own the golf driving range. It is quite a long way from the Long House to that end of the property as Wild Ways land is long and fairly thin. We can now get our tractor and old red trailer down there to pick up fallen wood. That was a big job which has been waiting for some years.

The Sky Lodge windows and door had a re paint, which they really did need.

I found some great pottery clay in the bank of the brook and have been playing with firing temperatures and additions.

We cleared a landslip area where the Borle brook bends to the old Borle Mill, mill race. There is a lot of wood there for small fires, so its ready for us, and for groups to use.

We have had bumper crops of apples and grapes this year. We went apple squashing at Stoddesdon recently and came away with 30 litres or so of juice. We pasteurised some of it and the rest is brewing into cider - although I’m not over fond of cider, I’ve no doubt it we consumed eventually.

The local butterfly group have been to inspect my fields and flowers and have put me in contact with another local group who help with small woodlands. They use heavy horses to pull out thinnings.

We have had lots of creative and exciting times with our regular groups. White Horse Camps are always inventing new ways to experience the changing seasons. Wild Heart Dance spin the rhythms of the Universe into human movement. Our Body Painting Groups and Women’s Groups continue to flourish. Coventry Earth Spirit who were one of the very first Groups to come here, still come, and it was their early support that help build the Godiva steps.

I wonder what the next year will bring… Ideas are already in seed form…

By wildwaysborle, Nov 18 2015 03:36PM

Hmm very, very windy night.. Took out an electric pole or two up Wren's Nest lane cutting us off at around 9pm..that was it until this morning. No telephone either.. I'd forgotten how difficult it is to read by candlelight. However, I remembered what it was like when I was small and we had the oil lamps, and Dad's radio ran off either an glass exile battery or a lorry battery.. The oil lamps made the walls black..

Oak tree on the border with the golf driving range land has had the top blown out. The bottom is on their side of the gulley - and the top has, helpfully, landed on our side. That'll provide a couple of box loads of logs - unless we can use it for anything else.

By wildwaysborle, Nov 17 2015 06:25PM

Earth Dreaming

New Year Gathering

30th Dec - Jan 2nd 2016

5 Rhythms dance and Ritual for a New Year

with Neil pinnock

Supported by Jamus Wood

Fully catered by Jade of Naturecater.

Retreating into the earth cave (our warm wood burner heated yurt) we will dance and honour the departing year. Attuning to the flow of our being, the beat of our hearts and our dreams we will focus on nurturing the body, resting the soul and renewing the mind for the year to come.

Using 5Rhythms dance, movement meditation, massage, ritual theatre, ceremony and celebration we will nurture ourselves, our bodies and our dreams. Warm spaces & warm community welcome you to Wildways this winter. Take the time to treat yourself. The wonderful woodland venue of Wildways allows us to work close to the land and to the season.

Accommodation, workshops, food, New Year Feast, saunas and activities all included.

£260 before 1st December, £285 after.

Participants from the Autumn retreat save an extra £15

By wildwaysborle, Oct 17 2015 02:35PM

November 13th - 15th (new dates)

Autumn / Water / Chaos

The season of Autumn teaches us how to release. The leaves fall and the energy returns to the earth. Situated in the West of the wheel of the year the key element is water. The harvest is almost done and we reflect on the seasons past as we prepare for winter.

In the 5Rhythms maps water relates to chaos. So. like the trees, we will explore the gentle shake of release as we allow the waters to wash over and through us, helping us to release gently to the earth.

This gathering is a call for the tribe to return from the summer lands and enjoy the sharing in community of the fruits of the year. We will dance, explore, honour, celebrate and feast together. And it's my birthday too.

£150 early booking before October 25th - £165 full price.

Booking form and information here.

Fees include accommodation, workshops, woodlands and saunas. Food will be bring and share.

Booking now!